The mountains are calling.

Sunny Alpine slopes and rocky peaks, rustic huts and mountain lodges, spectacular views and unforgettable moments. The Alpine world that surrounds Lenggries shows off its magnificence: Brauneck, Benediktenwand, Latschenkopf, Probstwand, and many other peaks stretch majestically into the white-blue sky, tempting you with an almost infinite number of trails.

Alpine meadows and cabins, some with overnight accommodations, reward you with solid, traditional Bavarian dishes. You can also take the Brauneck cable car up to an altitude of 1550 meters and hike the mountain path from there or watch the paragliders, hang gliders, and rock climbers ...

More Information: Brauneck Bergbahn


hut tips

Bavarian huts that invite you to relax: Lenggrieser Hütte at Seekar, the Denkalm, the Reiser-Alm, the Kotalm

Impressions of the Hiking Area